SeNSe² - Sulfur Nitrogen Selective Detector


ASTM D5504, ASTM D5623, ASTM D7011, ASTM D7807

SeNSe2 is a new detector that has been developed by AC Analytical Controls by PAC for Gas Chromatography applications aiming to determine Sulfur species in hydrocarbon type matrices. While still based on the Chemiluminescence principle that was employed first in the Antek 7090NS model, the detector has undergone a significant redesign to provide unsurpassed sensitivity resulting in lower detection limits, excellent equimolar response, dynamic range and selectivity. A fast cold start-up, unrivalled signal stability, the sturdy but compact design, and the touchscreen interface makes it the easiest to work with.


Applications GC Detector


Maintenance and Ease of Use

  • Ingenious G-Cal Service module used for testing the function of the detector without disassembling the configuration
  • Simplified preventative maintenance with removable panels and fast ceramics replacement
  • 7” Touchscreen interface providing both standalone operation and providing insight into your detector diagnostics and error logs
  • Able to be installed on most manufacturers GCs
  • All routine maintenance, including GC column replacement, can be achieved without shutting down the system


  • Excellent long-term stability and equimolarity
  • Heavy duty insulation to maintain furnace temperature at 950°C leading to improved temperature accuracy across the whole furnace
  • Integrated filters to purify incoming gases boosting data integrity
  • Standalone automated pressure and leak check to guarantee leak-free performance
  • For sulfur analysis, system choice of oxygen or air as an oxidant based on laboratory need

Turnkey Solutions

  • ASTM D5504: Determination of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas and Gaseous Fuels by Gas Chromatography and Chemiluminescence
  • ASTM D5623: Sulfur Compounds in Light Petroleum Liquids by Gas Chromatography and Sulfur Selective Detection
  • ASTM D7011: Determination of Trace Thiophene in Refined Benzene by Gas Chromatography and Sulfur Selective Detection
  • ASTM D7807: Determination of Boiling Range Distribution of Hydrocarbon and Sulfur Components of Petroleum Distillates by Gas Chromatography and Chemiluminescence Detection
  • Custom Application like carbonyl sulfide in propylene gas, nitric oxide in ethylene and more
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