Press Releases: 2020

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PAC is completing the Total Sulfur and Nitrogen offering with the new configuration for ElemeNtS. The analyzer now offers a horizontal version with a boat inlet introduction, which is ideal for solids and heavy liquid samples. Launched under PAC’s Antek™ brand, ElemeNtS is the most advanced, modular, analytical system available for the detection of Total Nitrogen and/or Total Sulfur. Three configurations are available: ElemeNtS-N for Nitrogen analysis, ElemeNtS-S for Sulfur analysis and ElemeNtS N-S for simultaneous Nitrogen and Sulfur analysis.

ElemeNtS can be configured with a 749 Liquid autosampler for both the vertical and horizontal configuration, or a single shot autosampler on the vertical model. The analyzer is also compatible with Accura for gaseous and LPG samples.

ElemeNtS complies with key standard methods such as D5453, D2562, , D4629, EN ISO 20846, IP490, DIN 51444, EN 15486, D7183, D7184, UOP 971, IP554, D7551, D6667, UOP 936, D5176.


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