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These instructional videos will help you understand the physical principle used in our instruments, teach you best practices and show you the latest features on our different analyzers.

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OptiPMD - Prep and run sample
IRIS - How to establish LAN connectivity to an instrument and ping it.
Advanced Sensors PD-1000
JFTOT IV - Assemble a heater tube test section
JFTOT IV - Replace the Sample Filter and Aeration Diffuser
OptiDist - The benchmark in atmospheric distillation
ElemeNtS - Replacing the pyrotube
Cambridge Viscosity - Sensor Technology
SIMDIS XLNC - Adjust the layout of a report
OptiReader - Learn how to manually align
ElemeNtS - Septum replacement
PAC Lab and Process Analyzers
OptiReader - Learn how to validate alignment
OptiReader - Learn how to validate heater tubes
OptiCPP: Cloud & Pour Point
OptiFPP: Automatic Cleaning Cycle
OptiPMD: Micro-Distillation Analyzer
OptiFuel: FTIR Fuel Analyzer
OptiFlash Series
SIMDIS Software
NSure Nitrogen Sulfur Analyzer
ViscoSure: In-line Viscosity - Interview with Alex Lau
VIDA: Automated Density Meter
Reformulyzer M4: Hydrocarbon Analysis
JFTOT IV: Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester
How to Set Up a Test with JFTOT IV
How to Operate NCK2 5G Analyzer
How to Clean VISCOlab PVT High-Pressure Viscometer
Measuring Viscosity with In-Line and In-Tank Process Viscometers
Learn how to use the IRIS Software
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