Our instruments can be utilized in almost every area in the plant to help refineries ensure end product meet specifications and achieve profitability goals.


PAC analytical instruments use multiple technologies including spectroscopy to detect properties including thermal stability and viscosity, advancing the delivery of gasoline, cosmetics, plastics, and other petrochemical products.

Viscosity is a key indicator of quality in a wide range of biotech applications, from pharmaceuticals to mechanical devices to medical laboratories and research centers.

Industrial operations that produce waste water and process water can have contamination with lubricating oils or cooling oils. Our Online Oil in Water analyzers help minimize the risk of an undetected discharge in real time.

The maximum level of hydrocarbons in the bilge water discharged by ships must comply with Environmental Protection Agencies. Our Oil in Water analyzers will help vessel owners avoid signigicant fines.

Our Oil in Water analyzers help drilling rigs, production platforms and FPSOs with their water discharge management and oil recovery process improvement.

Sulfur concentration is used by pipelines to discern the difference between various grades of products and determine when to make the cut between products. Our Process Analyzers have the ability to deliver accirate results by the minute to maximize profitability.

Key concerns of the refinery industry include quality control of products and processes. PAC provides instruments for continuous monitoring of your refinery processes.

PAC provides instruments for continuous monitoring of your refinery processes including product certification, performance analysis and waste water management.

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