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PAC is the leading manufacturer of lab and process analyzers for gas chromatography, elemental analysis and physical properties. The PAC portfolio includes: AC, Advanced Sensors, Alcor, Antek, Cambridge Viscosity, Herzog, ISL, PetroSpec and Phase Technology.

PAC is certified ISO 9001:2015 (except our Vancouver facility). Our headquarters in Houston also certified to 17025:2017 standards, which reaffirms our commitment to quality and customer support.

Podcast Ep. 1: OptiMVD: New Combination Viscometer and Density Meter Hits the Market

Larry Spino, PAC's Group Product Manager, talks to Jacquari Harris about PAC's newest product, OptiMVD, in the first episode of Lab Innovations: Exploring Technology & Analytical Instruments. Larry explains why the OptiMVD is the fastest, most versatile combination viscometer and density to hit the market.

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