PAC has combined the world’s most respected and long-established brands of analytical and testing equipment into a single manufacturing, marketing and service organization. Each of our brands have long histories of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation for lab and process applications.

Advanced Sensors has pioneered the successful application of online oil in water analysis in the oil and gas industry. Specializing in optoelectronic instrumentation, detection systems and communication technologies, the company is committed to creating solutions that will provide precise readings reliably and continuously while operating in harsh conditions. Learn more

Antek lab instruments provide reliable, precise elemental analysis for total nitrogen and sulfur, speciated nitrogen and sulfur, fluoride, chloride, and bromide. Antek products are recognized by global regulating bodies, leading scientific research institutions, and process laboratories as the instrument of choice for selective multi-element detection.

CVI, has over 25 years of experience and is a global leader in small sample viscosity. Reliable and easy to use viscometers with a wide variety of applications are needed both in laboratories and within the process. Its innovation, which includes a patented sensor technology, sets it apart from the rest of the industry.

With more than 35 years of experience, ISL is a recognized leader in the field of physical testing equipment of petroleum products. ISL technology includes self-contained automated analyzers, such as mini distillation, flash and fire point, viscosity, cold properties, evaporation loss; lubricants and asphalts testing equipment.

PAC’s integrated measurement and testing capabilities give you the data you need to balance supply and demand, so you can optimize your run rates and keep your process operating at peak efficiency. We offer solutions for distillation, sulfur/nitrogen, viscosity, boiling point and flash point analyses that allow you to achieve greater process optimization and control with less time between sampling.

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