Fuel composition analysis is critical to maintaining fuel quality, regulatory and environmental compliance, and consistency of performance.  PAC analyzers measure: jet fuel or diesel thermal oxidation, gasoline, diesel fuel and blending streams, ethanol in gasoline, ethanol purity, and fuel lubricity.

OptiFuel FTIR 

Precision and portability in a top of the line FTIR Fuel Analyzer

Ellipsometer - Heater Tube Scanner

Ellipsometer cited as an approved procedure in ASTM D3241-17a

Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester

Worldwide Recognized Leader of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing

JFTOT for Diesel Fuel Application

Modified JFTOT for Diesel Fuel Application

Intelligent Heater Tube

Intelligent Heater Tube for JFTOT and OptiReader


Manual visual tube rater

Gum tester

Measure evaporation residue in aviation fuels, motor gasolines, and other volatile distillates

HGT 915 917

Gum Test Apparatus to measure  evaporation  residue  in  aviation  fuels,  motor  gasolines,  and  other  volatile  distillates.

Phase JFA 70Xi

Measure freeze point, viscosity and density in jet fuel with Phases's JFA-70Xi in less than 15 minutes

Phase Technology DFA-70Xi

Four diesel fuel tests in one single unit, in less than 25 minutes

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