Customized GC - Tailored Solutions

The AC Analytical Controls® standard solutions cover a wide spectrum of petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas analysis needs. Often, those standard solutions dont exactly match the analytical challenges at hand, requiring a standard system to be slightly modified. In other cases, a solution needs to be designed for a specific purpose.

PAC's history in designing, building, and commissioning customized solutions extends beyond the petrochemical, refining, and natural gas areas into others, such as environmental and food and beverage. Our dedicated team has several decades of documented expertise in engineering solutions that resolve the most complex analytical challenges. If the analytical question is not a standard method, appears difficult, or requires special sample handling, PAC is your best partner.

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Applications Applicated GC Gas Analysis, Aromatics, Natural Gas Analysis, Refinery Gas Analysis, Gasoline, Sulfur Trace Analysis, Crude, Petrochemical Analysis, Customized Analysis

Enhances Performance

  • Solves the toughest analytical challenges through a GC that is designed, built, and tested for your specific application, to perform exactly as desired for the particular sample stream
  • Provides solutions for any concentration level from trace analysis and percent level to screening/profiling and purity determination
  • Ensures long-term performance and easy maintenance
  • Offers a complete solution that meets the same high quality level as any of our other analyzers, with customized calibration and quality control samples included (if required/requested), user familiarization, and full customized documentation

Automates Analysis

  • Includes options such as gas or liquid samplers, stream selector valves, and heated sample devices to achieve fully automated analysis.

Meets Any Standard

  • Designs solutions that comply with particular standard reference methods, a customer in-house method, or any list of components

Our Custom Solutions are specifically designed, built and tested to fit any analytical need. Laboratories continue to experience an increased demand for smarter, faster and cost effective, specific methods. Apart from the standardized solutions, AC also offers instruments based on customer specific in-house methods.

A selection of our custom solutions based on international standard methods is outlined in the table below.

Impurities in Monomers D2504, D2505, D6159, D2712, D5303, D2163, D2593 UOP 603      
Natural Gas
D1945, D6228   GPA 2186, GPA 2177 ISO 6975  
Aromatics D5917, D4492, D4424, D6563, D7057, D5713, D5917, D6229 UOP 744, UOP 720, UOP 543, UOP 931, UOP 976, UOP 868     IP 425
Hydrocarbons D2427, D5134, D3524, D3525 UOP 551, UOP 690, UOP 621, UOP 411, UOP 915, UOP 980     IP 601
Trace Sulfur D7011, D4735, D6021, D7652, D7807 UOP 791 GPA 2199 ISO 19739  
Base Chemicals D5441, D5501, D7266, D7796, D6142       IMPCA-001
Other D5790, D5507, D6142, D2580 UOP 673, UOP 863, UOP 899, UOP 960, UOP 688     IP 599, IP 585, IEC 61619


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