FTO D6296 - Fast Total Olefin Analysis

The FTO system analyzes streams with concentrations of 0.2%-35% olefins. This GC system determines C4 - C10 olefins in all finished motor gasolines, straight naphthas and FCC naphthas. It reports in weight % and liquid volume % and a full analysis takes just 20 minutes. The FTO analysis exceeds the repeatability capabilities of ASTM D 1319 (the Fluorescent Indicator Absorption-FIA-method) and incorporates ASTM D 6296 - Total Olefins in Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels by Multi-Dimensional GC.

Applications: Olefin, Gasoline Characterization, Gasoline

Features & Benefits

  • Full determination of all olefins within 20 minutes
  • Applicable for all finished motor gasoline and naphtha streams
  • Application range: 0.2-35.0% olefinic streams
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Capillary column technology yield excellent separation capabilities
  • Maximum automation reduces operator involvement and improves accuracy of results
  • Automatic report generation
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