OptiFPP: Cold Filter Plugging Point


CFPP: EN 116, EN 16329, IP 309, ASTM D 6371, JIS K 2288
CP: In accordance with ASTM D5771, IP 444, EN 23015, EN 590
In correlation to ASTM D2500, ISO 3015, IP 219, JIS K2269

The next generation Cold Filter Plugging Point analyzer combines a patented built-in cooling system and highly precise detection mechanism into an ultra-compact, easy to use instrument. The ISL OptiFPP analyzer provides automated CFPP test in strict accordance to EN116 and EN16329 conditions. OptiFPP precisely controls jacket cooling and electronically controlled vacuum adjusts as the test specimen is drawn though a mesh filter, per method conditions. Once crystal formation inhibits sample flow within a set time, a CFPP value is detected, displayed and stored to memory. Detailed reports are available, showing any abnormal points, as well as sample temperature behavior during the test.

The Cloud Point Kit is available with a stainless steel and a glass temperature sensor. A complete measuring head with a probe, filter unit and pipet is also available for purchase.

  • Cable free heads contains both the electrical connections for the detector and a mechanical vacuum connection to the pipette.
  • Fully self-contained cooling system enables ultra-low temperature testing; saves energy; eliminates the heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units
  • Real-time display of test progress and results
  • Stand-alone and/or PC controlled operation
  • Stepped or linear sample cooling in full compliance with EN 116 and EN 16329
  • Integrated auto-cleaning with two solvents can be operated while separate sample is running
  • Ability to run cloud point test with optional CP head

OptiFPP: Automatic Cleaning Cycle

How to Measure the Cold Filter Plugging Point with the Opti FPP Analyzer

Safety Data Sheet
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