NGA GPA 2261 - Natural Gas Components

AC Analytical Controls by PAC offers a solution to characterize the composition of natural gases according to GPA 2261 with results within 25 minutes.

The AC NGA GPA 2261 Analyzer determines:

  • C1 C6, C6+ hydrocarbons
  • Inert gases: nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen
  • Hydrogen sulfide

Natural Gas Analysis

Features & Benefits

  • Analyzes most natural gas streams according to GPA 2261
  • Uses the new Agilent Technologies 7890 Series Gas Chromatograph (GC) or the compact 6850 GC (One-Valve application)
  • AC GAS XLNC automates gas properties calculations and reporting
  • Optional on-line remote support by LAN connection available

GPA 2261

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