Intelligent Heater Tube


ASTM D3241, IP 323

The Alcor Intelligent Heater Tube™ (IHT) ensures traceable, accurate, and secure jet fuel thermal oxidation testing. The IHT is the only heater tube on the market that can electronically store all the important data from JFTOT® and OptiReader instruments directly onto the heater tube. The Intelligent Heater Tube reader-writer is a unique electronic identification device that provides detailed traceability of tests and easy access to stored data. Data can be transferred from the JFTOT and OptiReader either directly or via computer interface, or can be entered directly through a Windows-based application.

Standard heater tubes are also available in sets of 10, including filters.

  • Provides detailed traceability to JFTOT and OptiReader test results
  • Increases analysis integrity by minimizing risk on data transcription errors
  • Improves quality audit efficiency through easy data access
  • Offers full compatibility with JFTOT instruments
  • Complies with ASTM D3241 and IP323
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