Nations and governments worldwide have increasingly looked to renewable fuels as part of the solution to meet the global challenge of climate change and reduce GHG emissions. All transport sectors, whether aviation, marine, heavy-duty or light vehicles, have invested in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, biodiesel, ethanol in the immediate term, and even hydrogen in the longer term. At PAC, we have partnered with industry stakeholders to offer a complete portfolio of analyzers specific to your testing needs for renewable fuels.

Renewable Fuels Solution

PAC is committed to being part of the solution to help our customers meet their renewable goals.


The aviation industry is determined to develop sustainable solutions to produce cost-competitive, high-yield jet fuel with minimal environmental impact.

Hydrogen Governments and businesses are increasingly committed to steep decarbonization targets, establishing hydrogen as a key component in the energy transition
Renewable Diesel With mounting economic, social, and regulatory pressure, the search for alternatives to petroleum-based fuels is intensifying.

Biodiesel is a first-generation biofuel generated from vegetable oils, including soybeans, rapeseed (canola) and palm.


Ethanol is the most mature among major renewable fuels and has the highest global consumption

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