Noack: Evaporation Loss


ASTM D5800, CEC L 40 A 93, IP 421 

ISL's safe, easy to use NCK2 5G Noack evaporation loss analyzer enables the most precise testing to meet increasing QS/QA requirements in full compliance with CEC, ASTM & IP methods.

NCK2 5Gs advanced quality control features including traceable automatic calibrations with lock-out control and detailed test reports with tracking numbers of all measuring devices fulfill strict ISO 9000 quality system requirements. The metal temperature probe is delivered with an engraved serial number and traceable calibration certificate.

  • Simple, precise CFPP testing
    • Compact and portable; easily moves throughout your lab to area ideal for your unique workflow
    • Testing begins in two stepssimply load sample and press Test
    • Programmable cooling profile, vacuum profile and end of test conditions, allowing various standard and/or customized test methods
    • Real-time display of test progress and results
    • Automatic in-situ cleaning with two solvents or according to method
  • Increases power and flexibility
    • Completely self-contained, patented cooling system enables ultra-low temperature testing
    • Instrument configuration allows manual testing for cold behavior Cloud & Pour point accessory kit is available for manual testing of these properties
  • Reliable Performance & Quality
    • Endurance tested and proven for long-term operation
    • Accommodates and enhances most rigorous quality control programs
    • Automatic calibration with calibration frequency program; probe correction capabilities
  • Increases Safety
    • Automatic pre-test leak check
    • Eliminates heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units
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