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Cambridge Viscosity's Patented Sensor Technology

Cambridge Viscosity developed a patented sensor technology that sets it apart from other viscometer manufacturers, making them the worldwide leader in small sample viscosity. It uses only one moving part, a piston, driven electromagnetically through fluid in a small measurement chamber. A deflector, positioned over the piston, moves fluid into the measurement chamber, while two coils move the piston back and forth at a constant force. Proprietary circuitry analyzes its two-way travel time to measure absolute viscosity.

Cambridge Viscosity Viscometer TechnologyEvery Cambridge Viscosity viscometer uses one of these sensors – ensuring that every viscometer is the most accurate and reliable it can be. Furthermore, since all wetted parts are stainless steel and the piston is in constant motion, the sampling area is continually scrubbed clean. There is no need for frequent calibration and very little maintenance is required.

In addition to the sensor itself, each viscometer includes a built-in temperature detector that senses the actual temperature in the measurement chamber in order to determine a temperature-compensated viscosity (TCV) reading. This increases accuracy under the changing environmental conditions in which the viscometer operates.

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With measurement capabilities ranging from 0.2 to 20,000 cp – or higher with our custom engineering capability – each Cambridge Viscosity viscometer has been designed to deliver the precision and flexibility you need. So if you need an accurate, reliable, and high-throughput viscometer, Cambridge Viscosity has the right technology for you.

Cambridge Viscosity joined PAC in 2012.