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CNS SIMDIS for Crude Oil




Test Methods
ASTM D2887, ASTM D3710, ASTM D5307, ASTM D6352, ASTM D7096, ASTM D7169, ASTM D7213, ASTM D7398, ASTM D7500, EN 15199, EN ISO 3924, IP 406, IP 480, IP 507, ISO 3924

AC Analytical Controls®, the global SIMDIS market leader, provides a full range of solutions that accurately determine true boiling point data from naphtha up to crude oil samples.


Simulated Distillation, Atmospheric Distillation, Gasoline, Crude, Petrochemical Analysis

Features & Benefits

Full range of SIMDIS applications determines boiling points up to C120.

  • Product range includes several unique solutions:
    • AC 8634 analyzer for accelerated D 86 data of jet fuel and diesel
    • Crude Oil analyzer merges DHA Front End with High Temp SIMDIS Technique
    • Sulfur and Nitrogen SIMDIS solutions to determine sulfur and nitrogen distributions
    • Wax ASTM D 5442 application
    • Solutions comply with ASTM, CEN, DIN, IP and ISO SIMDIS methods
    • A broad set of calibration, reference and quality control samples completes each SIMDIS application
    • User group meetings help users network and improve analyzer performance
    • SIMDIS software is compatible with major chromatographic data systems
    • Dedicated correlations and calculations are included for:
    • Correlation to Physical Distillation D 86 D 1160 (ASTM D 2887; IP 406; ISO 3924)- NOACK - DIN 51.581-2- MOV - ASTM D 6417- Conversion to volume % for crude oils- Cutpoints fractions- Flashpoint (ASTM D 7215)
    • Excellent LIMS connectivity: upload the results directly to your LIMS or manually after approval
    • Several features contribute to the analysis precision:
    • Use of pre-programmed sample types- Automatic blank subtraction, calibration and system validation- Customer selective start and end algorithm


Application Notes