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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
Phone: 800.444.TEST
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It’s a fact of life that stakes are always higher in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Investments in new drugs and devices are enormous, yet the costs of failure affecting human life and health are astronomical. There are two key aspects that need to be measured in this industry: viscosity and nitrogen content.

The range of biotech activities that require precise monitoring and measurement of viscosity include:

Cambridge Viscosity by PAC provides robust instruments that accurately measure viscosity in exceptionally small fluid sample volumes, are easy to operate, and require very little maintenance. We work closely with biotech companies and universities to assess their specific needs and ensure that our solutions enable them to achieve their goals.

PAC analytical instruments utilize gas chromatography for the accurate analysis of nitrogen content, ensuring purity, consistency, and the detection of specific substances for the development of safe and effective prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Accurate analysis of nitrogen content is a key part of pharmaceutical processing since many active pharmaceutical components are nitrogen-based. PAC analytical instruments, including the MultiTek Analyzer, Model 7090 Sulfur GC Detector, and Model 8060 Nitrogen HPLC Detectors, test for olefins, sulfur, nitrogen, fluorides, and other elements. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes the 8060 CLND Detector with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for nitrogen analysis. Most commonly, medical research laboratories use the Multitek Analyzer for total nitrogen analysis of urine, blood, etc.

Catalog of Instruments


MultiTek - Nitrogen, Sulfur & Halides Analyzer


MultiTek - Nitrogen, Sulfur & Halides Analyzer

Nitrogen & Halides


Nitrogen & Sulfur


Nitrogen & Sulfur & Halides



MultiTek - Nitrogen, Sulfur & Halides Analyzer

Sulfur & Halides



VISCOlab 3000: Laboratory Viscometer - Temperature Controlled Viscometer for oil viscosity measurements in lab

VISCOlab 4000: Small Sample Viscometer - Laboratory viscometer for accurate, reliable, repeatable viscosity readings