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PAC Corporate Headquarters

8824 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77064 USA
Phone: 800.444.TEST
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Oil Analysis

Lubrication oil impacts the reliability, fuel economy, emissions, and maintenance costs of a wide range of operating machinery. Oil degradation leads to higher operating costs and provides important early warnings of problems that can lead to premature and potentially catastrophic equipment failures.

There are a number of causes for such difficulties, and most directly affect the viscosity of the oil. The PAC ViscoPro 2100 process viscometer successfully detects, measures, and monitors these viscosity changes in real time, enabling operators to take corrective action to preserve the quality of the end product.

Catalog of Instruments


VISCOpro 2000: Process Viscometer - Viscosity Measurement - Monitoring & control for single-line process environments

ViscoPro 2100: Process Viscometer - Robust, Accurate, Real-time Viscosity Measurement