ASTM D6667

The Antek TQACO2 analyzer by PAC is the only turnkey system for total quality assurance of CO2. Its a complete analyzer package with a single operating data system. With the TQACO2, gas suppliers and bulk CO2 users can generate their own load report to show compliance with specifications.

The TQACO2 analyzer is available in several configurations:

  • R6000N Fast method for determining total bound Nitrogen
  • R6000S Total Sulfur analysis by pyro-fluorescence detection
  • R1020 Total aromatics hydrocarbons analysis based on UV fluorescence technology
  • R1140 - Total hydrocarbon analysis based on flame ionization detection
  • Oxygen Analyzer Trace gas sample oxygen analysis
  • Moisture Content Gas sample moisture analysis
  • Meet CO2 specifications using one analyzer package
  • Sulfur, nitrogen, total hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbons, moisture, dewpoint, oxygen
  • PC control and data acquisition system
  • NEMA 4, 19" rack mount, purged housings, and explosion proof housing
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