Flash Point Monitor

ASTM D56, ASTM D93, IP 34, IP 170, DIN 51755, DIN ES ISO 13736, DIN EN ISO 2719

The 45607 PSPI Flash Point Monitor is an on-stream process monitor for measuring flash points of liquid fuels over a range of 10° to 121°C (5°0 to 250°F). The analyzer robust design and measurement principle (no catalyst used in the measurement) delivers reliable measurements over time independently of fuels sulfur content. Flash Point is one of the key final products specifications in the refineries. By having an online monitoring solution, such as the PSPI Flash Point Monitor, refineries can optimize plants profitability while at the same time meeting quality requirements.

The 45607 Flash Point analyzer is completely microprocessor-controlled with self-diagnostic capabilities, making it economical and simple to operate and maintain.

  • Measures flash point from 10ºC to 121ºC (50º to 250º F)
  • No catalyst used, performance is not impacted by sulfur content in the measured stream
  • Microprocessor-controlled instrument with self-test and diagnostic capabilities
  • Analyzer configuration can be changed without opening the explosion proof enclosure
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