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PAC Launches Next Generation Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer

Houston, TX., USA – June, 2017– PAC’s ISL just added an improved Cold Filter Plugging Point analyzer model to its Opti-Cold Series platform. The ISL OptiFPP allows for the automatic determination of the Cold Filter Plugging Point of petroleum products, in accordance with the international standard test methods (EN116 and EN16329).

The new OptiFPP combines improved usability with the proven reliability and accuracy ISL analyzer users have enjoyed for decades. The user-friendly interface on a 7” color touch-screen allows users to start a test with just the touch of a button and view a real-time graphic display of the test, improving customer experience and accelerating lab productivity.

OptiFPP is fully automated, which allows the instrument to perform completely unattended, therefore reducing the operator time and improving the analysis performance which translates into exceptionally precise results.

OptiFPP’s smart head contains both the electrical connections for the detector and a mechanical vacuum connection to the pipette. No longer must the user contend with tangled cables and leaky tubing. Cable-free and tube-free smart heads make set up and breakdown much easier and faster. This new model will also accommodate a cloud point head and run a standard cloud point test. Two testers in one unit!

Thanks to its flexible design, users can choose to operate the OptiFPP as a standalone unit with LIMS data transfer and auto-print capabilities that simplify documentation or as part of a multi-instrument network controlled by a PC, with PAC’s optional IRIS Software.

An integrated cleaning stand further assists with the cleaning process and can be used while another
sample is running in a separate head. Detailed reports are available, showing any abnormal points, as well as sample temperature behavior during the test.

All the new Cold Flow analyzers include a 2-year warranty.