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PAC Corporate Headquarters

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Mobile Labs

Mobile labs are becoming increasingly popular for inspecting gasoline, diesel, and other critical fuels to help ensure fuel performance characteristics meet strict safety standards and also ensure high quality throughout the supply chain. In addition, mobile labs enable customs to inspect incoming oils and petrochemicals.

PAC offers a full range of instruments for accurate, robust, and safe fuel analysis in the field. Our instruments provide numerous benefits for mobile lab applications, including:

Below is a list of PAC instruments by analysis type that are ideal for mobile labs. You can also read the PAC Mobile Lab Solutions brochure for more details.

Catalog of Instruments

Cloud and Pour Point

OptiCPP - Cloud and Pour Point

Color and Dye

DT 100 - Dye Tester - DT 100 - Dye Tester


VIDA Density Meter - VIDA Density Meter


OptiDist - Benchmark in Distillation

PMD 110 - Laboratory Micro-Distillation

Ethanol Content

QuickSpec - Ethanol and Water Content Analysis in Fuel Grade Ethanol and Gasoline

Flash Point

OptiFlash - Pensky Martens - Safe and Easy Flash Point Determination

Freezing Point

OptiFZP - Freezing Point Analyzer - Freezing Point Analyzer

Fuel Composition


Thermal Stability

JFTOT IV - Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester

Vapor Pressure

HVP 972 - Automated Vapor Pressure


VISCOlab 3000: Laboratory Viscometer - Temperature Controlled Viscometer for oil viscosity measurements in lab