HRB 754 Ring & Ball

<p>The HRB 754 Ring &amp; Ball Tester automatically determines the softening point of bitumen, tar, pitch, tall oil rosins, and polymeric resins via standard ring and ball test methods.</p> <p>In addition to performing standard softening point tests, this versatile analyzer is easily programmed with your own customized test protocols.</p> <p>The HRB 754 incorporates laser light and photo-transistor detection for ultra precise recognition of softening point. &ldquo;Smart&rdquo; software distinguishes between air bubbles and the falling balls. Plus, a multi-point calibration table ensures precision across a wide bath temperature testing range.</p>

  • Pre-programmed test procedures
  • Stores up to 20 permanent and user-defined test programs
  • Simple touch screen testing, programming, diagnostics, calibration
  • Integral results database stores up to 300 measurements; incorporates statistical calculation and graphing capacity
  • Built-in, user programmable air cooling system
  • Stand-alone or networked operation
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