VIDA 80H: Density (Heavy)


ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, IP 365, DIN 51757, ISO 15212, ASTM D5931, JIS K2249

Our VIDA 80 model provides accurate density measuring of heavy oils  and is particularly effective for pharmaceutical and food & beverage applications.

VIDA is designed to be a true "push-button" solution, based on the proven oscillating U-tube method. Its smart software automates every step of the test sequence from sample injection, bubbles detection to system cleaning and data reporting allowing minimal operator attendance but also enhanced flexibility.

Special functions guarantee a complete operation traceability together with extra quality assurance in data management.

  • Advanced technology for reliable analysis
    • Automatic sample injection & bubbles detection (Patent)
    • Metal measuring cell
    • Fast temperature stabilization over range 0°C up to 100°C
    • Integrated ultrasonic cleaning device (Patent)
    • Programmable 2x measurement function
    • Enhanced results accuracy
    • Self-contained system. No risk of sample cross contamination
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface for easy menu navigation
    • Multi-temperature function
    • Accurate measurement at different TC without instrument recalibration need
    • Programmable cleaning/drying procedure with automatic air check validation
    • Quality Assurance Compliance
  • Real-time test progress monitoring with continuous display
    • Control chart for QC samples
    • Automatic Pass / Fail validation of QC samples with statistics calculation
    • Automatic self-diagnostic functions


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