D5442 - Wax analysis by Boiling Point Distribution

To check the carbon number distribution of petroleum derived waxes, AC Analytical Controls developed the AC Wax ASTM D 5442 application.

In one analysis the Wax application determines:

  • Carbon number distribution from n-C17 through n-C44 using internal standardization
  • Content of normal and unknown carbon matter (UCM) for each carbon number
  • C45+ material
  • Data on the carbon number distribution and the content of normal and unknown carbon matter is essential to evaluate petroleum wax quality.


Applications Wax

Features & Benefits

  • A table of the wax content, total n-paraffins, total UCM, total C45+ including S, E n-paraffin peak times
  • A chromatogram with merged baseline, carbon numbers or boiling point axis, initial final boiling points, start end elution points, net corrected sample area
  • A graph of the boiling point distribution plotted in the chromatogram
  • A list of calculation parameters
  • A report of peak skew and column resolution parameters of the boiling point calibration
  • A table and graph with boiling point versus retention time for calibration samples
  • A table and graph with boiling point versus mass % for samples
  • Report output in CSV that can automatically be transferred to LIMS through a special radio button
  • A table with cutpoints and fractions
  • A validation report
Application Notes
 AC Wax D 5442
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