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On-Line Process Analyzer

Antek's 6200 Process Analyzer, for monitoring sulfur at various stages of production and blending, delivers excellent repeatability and reproducibility. Rugged and reliable, it features dual-stream and dual-range analysis. For time-critical analyses, the High Speed Sulfur (HSS) model delivers results in under a minute, for every minute continuously that it is in use. The 6200 Series Sulfur uses UV- Fluorescence (UVF) Spectrometry technology, a fast and accurate quantification method. This clean, instrumental methodology is more stable than lead acetate tape methods, and additionally without the associated consumables or lead waste disposal issues. The 6200 Series Nitrogen delivers total nitrogen determinations from 10 ppb to percent levels using the same chemiluminescence detection (CLND) technology, delivering fast, clean determination of total bound nitrogen in a variety of matrices.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent reliability; low maintenance
  • Advanced communications, remote control
  • Dual range, dual stream analysis
  • Computer-controlled operation
  • Ultra-fast cycle time
  • True sulfur measurements in a minute or less
  • Excellent precision & repeatability
  • Low cost operation
  • Long life for combustion and transfer tubes, plus less gas consumption
  • Reliable direct injection eliminates mixing chamber carryover
  • Engineered for continuous, unattended operation, 6200 Series Analyzers are ruggedly built for years of reliable performance.
  • 6200HSS - High Speed Sulfur by UVF (115V and 230V)
  • 6200N - Nitrogen by CNLD (115V and 230V)
  • 6200NS - Nitrogen and Sulfur by CNLD and UVF (115V and 230V)
  • 6200S - Sulfur by UVF (115V and 230V)


Application Notes